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Taiwan and the Advent of a Cross-Strait Financial Industry

Duncan Hsu

Miller Center, University of Virginia

From 2008, Ma Ying-jeou has raised the possibility of Taiwan becoming an Asia Pacific financial center. Rather than taking the necessary steps to upgrade Taiwan's capability in finance on a comprehensive basis, the Ma administration has focused predominantly on expanding cross-Strait financial flows. This paper introduces the background and details the process of liberalization in banking, insurance and securities. Implications of such development for Taiwan's economy are explored followed by a review of prospects for the future.

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National Identity, Economic Interdependence, and Taiwan’s Cross-Strait Policy: The case Of The Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement

Duncan Hsu

New Dynamics in Cross-Taiwan Straits Relations: How Far Can the Rapprochement Go? edited by Richard Weixing Hu

Contrary to expectation, policies such as the ECFA have produced protectionist backlash, not spillover favoring political engagement with China. Using primarily economic incentives and hoping that special interest groups or political parties who benefit from cross-Strait interdependence will help China win over the Taiwanese public may be ineffective in promoting political integration.

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