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Taiwan's China Dilemma

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Taiwan's China Dilemma

Syaru Shirley

The Institute for Taiwanese Studies (ITS) will host a luncheon at Double Tree Hotel, Rosemead, CA on October 15, 2016.   Professor Syaru Shirley Lin will deliver the speech after lunch.  The event is also co-sponsored by TACL-LOA, FARA-LA, FARA-OC, and NATPA.  

Professor Lin’s recent book “Taiwan’s China Dilemma: Contested identities and Multiple Interests in Taiwan’s Cross-Strait Economic Policy” was published by Stanford University Press in 2016.  Currently Professor Lin teaches at the University of Virginia.   In her book, Professor Lin explains the divergence between the development of economic and political relations across the Taiwan Strait and the oscillation of Taiwan’s cross-strait economic policy through the interplay of national identity and economic interests.  In addition, she will show how the debate over Taiwanese national identity has been intimately linked to Taiwan’s economic policy during a turbulent time in cross-Strait relations.  Taiwan’s China Dilemma illustrates the growing backlash against economic liberalization and regional economic integration around the world.

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Saturday, October 15, noon


Doubletree Hotel, Rosemead, CA
888 Montebello Blvd,
Rosemead, CA 91770