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Is the Rise of China a Threat to the Rest of Us?

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Is the Rise of China a Threat to the Rest of Us?

Siwei Huang

As China continues its quest for comprehensive national power, its rise has been associated not with democratization at home and conciliatory behavior abroad as many had hoped, but rather with tighter domestic political controls and the more forceful assertion of its core national interests. Many countries in the Asia-Pacific region are caught up in the "China dilemma," in that they seek to gain the benefits of deeper integration with the Chinese economy but also fear the consequences of a more powerful China. What are the key dimensions of China's rise, and how are the U.S. and the rest of the region responding?


May 15, 2019
5:30pm Reception and 6:30om Program & Annual Meeting


Slover Library, 6th Floor
235 E Plume St,
Norfolk, VA 23510

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